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B. 1987, Trinley Dechen was born, educated in Tibet, now lives and works in Shigatse, Tibet. 


Trinley Dechen is one of the young talented artists in Tibet, who already had five solo exhibitions and more than ten group exhibitions at the early stage of his career. He graduated from College of Art, Tibet University with MFA in 2015.

His artworks are mainly oil paintings combined with Expressionism style with Tibet bright color with big contrast. This distinctive style makes his artworks stand out from the traditional Tibet paintings. 

Trinley Dechen is widely recognized both in and outside Tibet. He had various Exhibitions in Shanghai , Beijing, Guangzhou and other major cities in China. 



Solo Exhibitions

2021 Exhibition: Trinley Dechen, ADL Contemporary Art Center, Lhasa, Tibet

2019 Exhibition: Trinley Dechen, Shigatse, Tibet

2019 Dream On The Highland, Su Museum, Shanghai

2017 Portraits, Yag Museum, Lhasa, Tibet

2015 Future Tradition, Dge dun chos phel Contemporary Gallery, Tibet


Group Exhibitions

2021 New Generations: Nominated Emerging contemporary artists, Gaojianfu Museum, Guangzhou

2020 Guangzhou International Art Expo, Guangzhou, China

2020 China's Future: Nominated Young Artists, Jiangsu Xuanhe Museum, Nanjing

2020 New Concept of Art, Rong Museum, Lanzhou

2020 Young Arists 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing

2020 My Tibet Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen

2020 May 4th Art Season, Fanrong Museum, Suzhou

2019 Nomination Exhibition for Tibet Emerging and Established Oil Painting Artists, Tibet Science and Technology Museum, Lhasa, Tibet

2018 KNOW CHINA, Venice, Italy

Trinley Dechen(འཕྲིན་ལས་བདེ་ཆེན། 赤列德庆)

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