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Art Fairs

We are excited to announce that MetaU Art will bring artists Trinley Dechen, Rémy ARON and Carole Jury to the CONTEXT Art Miami 2023.

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Art Fairs

Art Fairs are key to MetaU Art's business model, in a way that we reach artists and clients globally through art fairs.

太陽圖 2005 ink and color on paper 55x38cm(76x58).jpg

San Francisco Art Market

April 20-23, 2023

Fort Mason Center, San Francisco



Liu Kuo-sung

Trinley Dechen

Carole Juru

6 Trinley Dechen Cloud No.6 100CM×135CM Oil 2014-2-2.jpg

LA Art Show

Feb 15-19, 2023

LA Convetion Center, Los Angelas

Booth 1200


Trinley Dechen

Gao Hong

MetaU Art is honored to be partner gallery to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at the LA Art Show 2023.

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